Additional Services


340B Pharmacy Program

All HEALing Community Center patients are eligible to participate in the 340-B Pharmacy Program, which enables the patient to purchase medications at a reduced price. The savings are from 20-50 percent, depending on the medication. Prescription delivery services may also be available.

Prescription Assistance Program

Any patient experiencing difficulty paying for their prescription medicines can apply for our Prescription Assistance Program. HEALing Community Center will assist qualified patients with enrollment into the Prescription Assistance Program, helping patients obtain their medications free or at a deeply discounted rate.

Prescription Delivery Services

Prescription Delivery Services are available through our partner pharmacies at no additional cost to patients that qualify for the program.

Translation Services

Translation services are available to HEALing Community Center patients at no cost. We offer on-the-spot translation through the language line for any additional languages. Interpreters are required to adhere to professional standards, including interpreting everything said, protecting the patient's right to self-determination, confidentiality, and quality care.

Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollment

HEALing Community Center makes an effort to educate patients without insurance coverage on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Health Insurance Marketplace. 

A thorough explanation of all the important details about the benefits and protections provided by the ACA, how it expands health coverage and the regulations related to insurance and immigration status is available on

HEALing Community Center enrollment specialists  will work with you as your advocate, helping you explore all of the options and receive the benefits to which you are entitled. Contact us for in person assistance with Medicaid applications or enrollment into the Marketplace. After you sign up, our specialist will help you make an appointment and teach you how to use your health insurance and maintain coverage.