365 Days of Health! 
The HEALing Community Center severs the southwest side of Atlanta in communities where having no medical insurance is common place. The people living in these community must overcome tremendous barriers to receive even the most basic medical care. When complex medical issues arise, specialty medical care is often simply not available. The health disparities for minorities living here are appalling in this age of medical advancement. Health conditions that are curable and preventable are killing because simple screenings and care are beyond their reach. The HEALing Community Center is dedicated to providing QUALITY medical care to low income children, women, and men. You can help TODAY! Your gift of $1 per day will help towards the cost of our uninsured patients receiving the care they need.

Yours Truly,

Charles E. Moore, MD
Founder HEAL, Inc.


HEALing Community Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donations are tax deductible. 

Thank you again for your donation and continued support!