Subaru Life: Owner Spotlight – Dr. Charles Moore is Driven to Help Atlanta’s HEALing by Andrea Poe

Seven years ago, armed with little more than a green 1998 Forester and good intentions, Dr. Charles Moore, an Atlanta-based physician, set out to provide healthcare to underserved residents in the city. "I started noticing that my patients with advanced head and neck cancers were primarily coming from certain ZIP codes. I decided to drive around those neighborhoods," he explains.

Those exploratory drives soon blossomed into on-the-fly field treatment. "My car became my mobile field office," he explains. Soon, he enlisted other medical professionals to join him in providing medical treatment to patients who had little or no access to care because of lack of insurance, transportation, as well as homelessness and poverty.

HEALing Community Center

Moore recognized the need for a medical center, a place where people could come for screenings and treatments. He set out to fund-raise for the HEALing Community Center, a two-story facility in the heart of Atlanta's inner city. Today, that facility treats more than 6,000 patients each year for conditions ranging from diabetes to HIV to cancer to heart disease.

CNN Hero

The goal is to bring people the care they need, wherever they are.

- Dr. Charles Moore

Last year CNN recognized Dr. Moore as part of its ongoing series called CNN Heroes, which spotlights ordinary people doing extraordinary things to change the world. "It is very humbling to think that my actions would be recognized in such a wonderful way," he says of the honor. "It demonstrates to me that it is important to take action. No action is too small because you never know what that action might initiate.

Despite the success of the medical center, there are still many residents who have no access to it. That's why Moore has reignited his neighborhood drives - this time in a 2015 Forester - looking for patients in soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and even under bridges. "I love what I do," he says. "There are few places I'd rather be than with my patients.

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