Welcome To HEALing Community Center.

HEALing Community Center is committed to providing the highest quality care possible in the communities we serve. We provide convenient services through our multiple locations in Atlanta. We have an open-door policy and provide limited walk in services with no appointment necessary. Our goal is to meet the healthcare needs of every patient that walks through the doors at any HEALing Community Center location.

Your health is our top priority. At HEALing Community Center, you will receive comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for your entire family. Our entire staff is as dedicated to your well-being as we treat each of our patients with the same care and attention we would expect of our own doctor. We believe it is a privilege to treat the members of our community, and take the trust you place in us very seriously.

Today, we serve families and individuals who historically have had limited access to healthcare for many reasons including: language and cultural barriers, intimidation of traditional healthcare institutions, limited awareness of available resources and/or fear of seeking help due to limited ability to pay.

HEALing Community Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC).

Our Mission...


is to improve individual, group, and community health and well-being for populations that are at risk and underserved by:  

• Providing comprehensive healthcare (medical, oral, mental health, and health education) services

• Eliminating disparities in health and healthcare delivery

• Enhancing and building community relationships


A Letter From Our Founder

           As a physician at Grady Health System in the Department of Otolaryngology, I saw numerous patients that would seek medical help after their disease process had progressed to a point where they had limited treatment options. Day after day, month after month and year after year, I saw patients with cancers that could have been treated easily if the cancer had been identified early. And each time I would say to myself that someone should do something about this travesty. One day, I finally realized that maybe the person that was supposed to do something about this travesty was me. I decided there was more that I could - more than I should do to help increase awareness on head and neck cancer. I then focused on the three zip codes that represented the areas that had the highest percentage of head and neck cancers that I saw in my clinic. All three zip codes represented medically underserved areas. The area that had the highest levels of cancer that I saw in my Grady clinic was zip code 30314.
     I began to go to homeless shelters, community and faith-based organizations in those zip codes to meet the leaders and the people of those organizations and communities. I gradually started giving cancer prevention talks, focusing on head and neck cancer. Through this process, I began to see all of the medical problems that were not being addressed. I also began to realize that in many cases, people were just not aware of other options that could be taken that would improve their health.
     I soon came to understand that sometimes it is not the size of the act - big or small - but it is the act itself that can put things into motion. That action can open the door to provide not only access through barriers allowing patients to get healthcare, but also provide a conduit for healthcare professionals to do what we went into medicine for originally - to provide care for those most in need.

     Charles E. Moore, M.D.